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The Art of Bonsai " Made Easy" CD-ROM version 1.0
"This is the FIRST Bonsai CD-ROM in the World"
How to use this CD?
The majority of the information on this CD is provided in the  HTML format. In order to view or print the information,  you must have the Web Browser and Video Viewer installed on your computer. IE5.0 and Quicktime programs are on this CD for your use to install run start or open their folder.  +  Insert the The Art of Bonsai CD into your CD-ROM drive. If auto start does not start double click start.exe  If start.exe does not start open Bonsai folder and double click
index.htm or indexbut.html.  For best viewing set screen display to 800 X 600 This can be done in windows control-display-Setting "Display Area" If you are having and problem or have any ideas for the next version Please e-mail us at artofbonsai@hotmail.com   If we use your Idea on the next version of this CD-ROM you will receive a free upgrade with your Idea on it. Thank you (All Ideas received become the property of Ichiban Products)
All technical aspects of the menu program: were done by Brett at Indigo Rose Software Design Corporation (204)946-0263 , or fax (204) 942-3421  www.indigorose.com 123 Bannatyne Ave. Suite 230, Winnipeg,MB,Canada, R3B OR3

What information is on this CD?  The Ichiban calligraphy symbol: on the top of each page will take you to the Ichiban Distributors page.

The Film strip symbol:    Will take you to the Video Clips Page. Digital video clips of The Art of Bonsai "Made Easy" in VHS Video.  When using the video clip if you have more than one browser or  video viewers, you may get a FILE DOWNLOAD BOX, appear after you click the video clip. CHOOSE " OPEN THIS FILE FROM ITS CURRENT LOCATION " and click OK. Old computers may have very little RAM, and may experience some problems  viewing the Larger video clips.

Advertising information for other Ichiban products, 3D Drawings for all Bonsai styles., Photos of many of the different Bonsai styles, List of Ichiban National Distributors.,  List of National  Publications, List of National Bonsai Clubs

Getting support:       For questions or comments, contact your Ichiban Product Sales Specialist at:
Phone: (440) 285-2470   FAX: (440) 285-8736   Email: artofbonsai@hotmail.com

Platforms other than Microsoft Windows:   This CD has been produced in compliance with ISO 9660 High Sierra specifications and is not usable on a Macintosh or UNIX based System. Because of differences in the file systems, the navigator pages  may not work properly on a Macintosh.

Hardware requirements:  Video may be broken up on slower then 300MHz computers. The minimum recommended hardware for a PC based install is:  CPU  486 Processor running at 25 MHz.  Display  SVGA is the recommended minimum.  Disk Space  If web browser is required  Memory   16 Megabytes is the recommended minimum.

Please Note:  All rights in and titled to this disc are owned and retained by Ichiban Products and are protected by United States copyright laws, international treaty provisions and other  applicable laws. As a direct customer, dealer, distributor, or employee of Ichiban, you may copy this disk in whole or in part onto a computer hard drive, print out any files, or make photocopies of printouts for your PERSONAL USE ONLY. Unauthorized distribution of this disc or its contents to any company or person with out written permission from Ichiban is strictly prohibited by law.

Release:      10/1/98 VERSION 1.01,        1/1/99 VERSION 1.02,            5/1/99 VERSION 1.03,
                    9/15/99 VERSION 1.04,          (Due out in Fall 2000 Version 2.0 )