Who the artist is...

1979 Frank Mihalic founded "Ichiban Publishing" a publishing company dedicated to bonsai related materials.   He Wrote & Published  "The art of Bonsai-CD ROM" (The FIRST CD on Bonsai in the World!), "The art of Bonsai-VHS Video & DVD", "The art of Bonsai-Book", "Bonsai Screen Saver Computer CD ROM",  "Bonsai Online Magazine-Internet Magazine & Back Issue CD ROM" (The FIRST internet Bonsai Magazine in the World!), "Bonsai fro Kids-Children's Instructional Bonsai Book, in English, Spanish, French, & Japanese" (The FIRST Bonsai book for Children in the World!), "Bonsai for Kids- Computer CD ROM"( The FIRST CD on Bonsai for Children in the World!)
& 2001 & 2006,  Frank had his tree selected as one of the top one hundred Bonsai trees in the world. by Japan Airlines & the Nippon Bonsai Associations, BCI, WBFF, world wide Bonsai contest, held in Japan.
2000 Japan Airlines & the Nippon Bonsai Association, Awarded the Top One Hundred winners a copy of  Franks Bonsai Book and CD ROM!
Frank was the First and Only Foreigner to be awarded a Special Membership in the Cheju Bonsai Growers Association, In Cheju Korea !
2001 Frank founded the First Bonsai Magazine on the Internet  www.bonsaionlinemagazine.com
2004 Frank Published the
FIRST Bonsai Book for Children "Bonsai For Kids"
2005 He published the
FIRST computer CD ROM for Children "Bonsai for Kids"
2005 Frank Translated Bonsai for kids into Spanish  "Bonsai Para Los Ninos"
Frank Elected to the Board of Directors of American Bonsai Society (ABS)
2006 Bonsai for kids will be published in Japanese in Japan, and French.
2006 one of his trees was First runner up in the North American  "John Naka Award " Presented By the American Bonsai Society (ABS)
2006 one of his trees was First runner up in the World, in the Bonsai Clubs International & Centre'  sponsored, world wide contest in Italy.
2008 Re-elected to the Board of Directors of The American Bonsai Society (2nd Term) (ABS)
2008 Elected to the Board of Directors of Bonsai Cubs International (BCI)
2008 Started to carve Bonsai Jewelry out of Gold, Silver, and Pewter.
2009 Started to Cast Bronze Bonsai Sculptures
2010 Took lessons in Tore Del Greco, Italy carving Cameos out of Sea Shells