Bonsai for Kids

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This wonderful New Book came out in March of 2004
in the USA, in English, and November 2005 in Spanish,!

This Book is scheduled to come out in Japan,
in Japanese in the Fall of 2009!

This Book is also scheduled to be published in Europe in the
Summer of 2009 in French, Spanish!   
Finally there is a Bonsai Book for Kids!

This New Book By Frank J. Mihalic is not only for kids, many adults are
buying it too.  Because of the informative, easy to follow drawings and instructions!  The text is written at the 8 year old level, so that it is
easy to understand in simple words.

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This is one of the BEST Bonsai Books you can have in your collection!   One of the few Bonsai books written in the USA that will be published in Japanese, German, French  and Italian !